Mobile Flood Wall

P92 RDI Flood Wall

Cutting Edge Flood Prevention Techniques in Disaster Management

The best world-class mobile flood wall technology by IBS, a mobile, portable flood protection wall, consists basically of three main components, the FDME anchor plates, posts, and the dam beams. Anchor plates are embedded in the concrete understructure. Posts shall be mounted on an anchor plate in a regular axis distance and the beams shall be put in between the post in order to set up a temporary wall.

There are two further system components necessary in order to activate the waterproof function of the wall, bolts and vertical pressing. The posts shall be mounted on the anchor plates by means of bolts. In order to achieve high tightness of the system, dam beams are to be pressed vertically by fastening accessories (pressing tools). The dam beam shall be tightened and be pressed onto the existing ground.
With these four components only (post, beam, pressing tool and bolts) a mobile flood defence wall can be realised up to 4m.

The components are stored in properly designed pallets in a dry place protected from precipitation and direct sunlight.Maintenance is needed only in case of damage, eg. replacement of damaged seals. The replacement can be done without any difficult technological intervention without the need of additional glue or other adhesive materials.
The natural lifespan of the system is unlimited, the oldest systems are in function for more than 25 years.
Flood walls are used as rapid-response barriers against high water: the installation of the wall can be finished within 24 hours after detection of the flood on upstream spots of the river.

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    P92 RDI Flood Wall


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