FOREST42 – FireGuard

Wildfires demand more year by year

Every year we register bigger loss in wildfires on each continent. The raging flames demand thousands of acres of wood and even human lives. To prevent wildfire is easier than to stop it. Our preventive system gives back the control to foresters by using a set of sensors and drones and an ever learning software to reduce the loss.

There is a better chance to reduce material loss and save lives before a dried out forest reaches a certain point of spontaneous combustion. Our technological frame keeps changing conditions under control, which helps foresters and fire brigades to prevent the outburst of raging wildfires. Collecting real time data through sensors and automated drones, our software secures early warnings to stakeholders of forestry.

When all of a sudden fire starts in an unprotected forest, it is very difficult to stop it, as we witness the growing problem globally. A burning forest creates a cell of rapidly changing conditions of wind and temperature, which makes the firefighters' work difficult. Our hybrid frame converts into a supporting IoT sending real time data to the crisis centre, the observation drones make a flock of hovering units sending in images from the affected area.


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