Come and visit us

Are you eager to develop, and serious enough to get your work done individually, and of high professional standard? Come and get on board, join us!
In our friendly, spacious office by the Danube river you'll make yourself at home easily, where you can meet many interesting professional opportunities: you can take part in serious international projects, or you join to a vibrating colorful dev hub to roll out smaller scale developments.
Don't worry, we never torture applicants at the first time! Just come, and tell us about your needs and wants, dreams and nightmares, heart and brain stuff, and we'll find out something together!

Please, surprise us with your short introduction and your CV with your payment request and we will get back to you soon after. 
When you receive our last call for boarding message, you come to our place, and as Alice in the rabbit hole you start your journey with us.

Be honest, and open-hearted, because this is the way we are!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Feel free to share this with your friends who you think may be interested in! 

In these 11 years since I work here I have performed in many roles. This workplace can always come up with something new, I will never get bored. I find it equally important that any problem pops up, we can solve it in a friendly and effective way due to the frank working relations.

György Chovanyecz

Lead fullstack developer, medior architect

Being a new beginner on the labour market, the most I like at Moon42 is that I can try myself out in different sectors of design. I don’t think I could do this in any other company.

Dóra Szabó

Motion designer


I feel like I’m part of a really good team.
They make me forget that I'm not in my own country. I feel right at home since I’m at the company.
I enjoy full trust from the management which unleashes my potentials to generate international projects.

Gayan Vindika

Business Development Manager

What I really like about this job, is that it can get me places I didn’t expect. Not only in geographic terms, but this is the place where I became senior developer, and lately lead developer.
I feel I'm learning new things every day and gain experience that I can use to get along in my career.

János Szidor

Business Analyst, Lead Developer

Once onboard, we pamper you with:

Being a junior we will give you a senior tutor to ensure that you develop and grow both professionally and as team player. If you are more senior, you can work independently or as a part of a development team.

We will find the work which is the best fit for you and what you love doing. We don’t mind if you think differently, you can come up with new ideas, thoughts at any time. We believe in diversity, and we enjoy vibrating teams.

You can expect interesting, colourful works and responsibilities and you can work with big companies such as O2, Porsche, Vodafone, Museum of Ethnography, etc.  

We can ensure your continual professional growth and contribute to your English/Hungarian language skill and to your health with a preferential GYM pass. We will also supply free coffee and fruits, your contributed meal and whenever you feel tired, you can relax in our relax room with a freely chosen book from our little library.

Who we are looking for?

Let's launch your new career together, fly with us to the Moon42!